Chapter 3.  Users Guide

Table of Contents

3.1. Dashboard
3.2. Explore View
3.2.1. Reports and Tests Table
3.2.2. Explore Page View Modes
3.2.3. View Modes and Filters
3.3. History View
3.3.1. Compare View
3.4. Verifications View
3.4.1. Messages with Screenshots or Verification Points
3.4.2. Updating Verification Point Files with the Repository Integration
3.5. Uploading Results
3.5.1. Supported Result Formats
3.5.2. Manual Upload via the Squish Test Center UI
3.5.3. Upload via the command line
3.5.4. Upload attachments via the command line
3.5.5. Interactive Upload from Squish IDE
3.5.6. Upload using the Jenkins Plugin
3.5.7. Upload from TeamCity
3.6. How to Group Results
3.6.1. Result Grouping Example
3.7. User Management
3.7.1. Creating and Managing Upload Token
3.8. Test Result Notifications
3.8.1. Subscribe to a Test
3.8.2. Manage Subscriptions
3.9. Server Settings
3.10. Traceability Views
3.10.1. Filter Options
3.11. Repository Integration
3.11.1. Setting up a repository in Squish Test Center
3.11.2. Accessing test source files
3.11.3. Git repository settings
3.11.4. Filesystem repository settings
3.11.5. Special report labels for version control

This is the Squish Test Center Users Guide.