3.1.  Dashboard

Signing into Squish Test Center brings you to the dashboard of the program, which is a customizable overview of your server.

Dashboard with Projects List

To the right is the Activity Stream, a compressed view of recent activity, including result uploads and new user additions.

In the top left area is the bookmark section. This might be empty when you first start to use Squish Test Center. The bookmark section can give you easy access to specific views that are important to you. If you chose to bookmark a specific view from the Explore page by selecting Add to Front Page a small summary of that view will be added to the bookmark section

On the lower left is your project overview, a pane that includes a list of All Projects in the first column. The following three columns are based either on the Batches that have most recently been uploaded to, or the Batches that contain the most recent test executions. The order in which the Batches are sorted can be adjusted with the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the project overview. The second column contains a list of Batch Reports and their names, a graphical-numerical display of the Past Batch Reports, each with a pass/fail notification can be found in the third column, and a final column, either shows the Latest Upload Date or Latest Execution Date depending on the chosen sort order.