5.4. Version 1.0.1

Table of Contents

5.4.1. General
5.4.2. Dashboard
5.4.3. Report Upload
5.4.4. Explore View
5.4.5. History View
5.4.6. Verification Page
5.4.7. Documentation

Squish Test Center 1.0.1 is a maintenance release containing bug fixes and improvements. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes.

5.4.1. General

  • Added support for batch renaming to testcentercmd utility.

  • Resolved hanging issues with testcenter --reportgen command line option of squishrunner.

  • Fixed rare bug in which the project dropdown would contain duplicate entries.

  • Added dropdown menu highlighting for currently selected items.

5.4.2. Dashboard

  • Improved project overview loading performance, when batches are sorted by upload time.

5.4.3. Report Upload

  • Improved robustness of HTML report upload.

  • Fixed import of HTML reports containing empty feature or scenario names.

  • Fixed import of HTML reports containing files attached with test.attachFile.

  • Added progress indicator to web upload form.

  • Added missing mime types to web upload form.

  • Added error reporting indicating those cases of partially successful uploads.

5.4.4. Explore View

  • Improved loading times when browsing the test hierarchy in the Explore view.

  • Added Skipped test filter, showing only tests which have been skipped.

  • Enhanced Sunburst page overall responsiveness and performance.

  • Added support for hiding rendered README.md files on single report page.

5.4.5. History View

  • Improved performance when switching between Timeline and Stats or Graphs pages.

  • Enhanced convenience when navigating from History Timeline to Explore view, where the selection of tests, labels and filters are remembered in the Explore view.

5.4.6. Verification Page

  • Improved loading times of Verifications page.

  • Improved usability when viewing failed verifications, where failed reports are collected under a Fail tab, with the first failed report selected by default.

  • Resolved issue where reports would sometimes be marked as failed, without containing any failures.

5.4.7. Documentation