5.5. Version 1.0.0

Table of Contents

5.5.1. General
5.5.2. Result Format Support
5.5.3. Integrations

Squish Test Center 1.0.0 is the first major release of the central, lightweight test result database which connects test automation with the entire development process. See the following section for a detailed list of changes made since the beta release.

5.5.1. General

  • Improved text selection across all pages

  • Improved visual appearance of report headers

  • Unified spelling of test element names

  • Renamed Row BDD elements to Example

  • Improved report selection within compare view

  • Adjusted styling of compare view headers

  • Added support for viewing attached images in compare view

  • Adjusted styling of compare view headers

  • Added change highlighting for compare view

  • Explore view filters can now be collapsed

  • Improved activation mail wording

  • Improved Upload Page by adding in line documentation and providing links to uploaded results

  • Extended and improved documentation

  • Added more guidance on how to use Batches and Labels to both the documentation and the UI

  • Added notification icon when user requests are pending

  • Overhauled history time frame selection. More convenience options and more fine grained controls.

  • Reworked hierarchical navigation in explore view

  • Fixed database locking issues

  • Fix database transaction issues

  • Show total warnings and skipped tests in explore view

  • Explore View Summary can now be bookmarked and added to the dashboard

  • Added bookmark option that displays a list of tests and also supports showing only the failed tests

  • Fixed bookmark backlinks

  • Added Configurations view to explore page

  • Batch results in projects overview are now sortable by test execution or upload time

  • Fix issue with batch selection via up/down arrows.

  • Changed highlighting color in report selection menus to reflect the passed or failed state of a report

  • Added tooltips to all controls

  • Extended stacktrace support in Verification view

  • Labels and attachments can now be added in the Explore-Report view.

  • Added View-Mode that shows "Not executed" tests

5.5.2. Result Format Support

  • Added support for cppunit imports

  • Added support to import HTML reports

5.5.3. Integrations

  • Added support for Xray and Zephyr

  • Simplified navigation in traceability association dialog

  • Added traceability push / pull options to testcentercmd utility

  • Added Requirements Traceability Matrix Export