Chapter 2.  Installation Guide

Table of Contents

2.1. Offline Activation
2.2. Activation via the command line
2.2.1. Online-Activation via the command line
2.2.2. Offline-Activation via the command line
2.3. License Handling
2.3.1. Updating the License
2.4. Updating Squish Test Center
2.5. Backup and Restore
2.6. Test Center as Backend Services
2.6.1. Test Center as Windows service
2.6.2. Apache Reverse Proxy Example
2.6.3. Hitch TLS Proxy
2.6.4. Authentication Proxy Setup

To get started with Squish Test Center, a few installation steps are required, including specifying a SMTP server to use for sending emails, starting Squish Test Center's server, and interactively adding a first user.

  1. First, unpack your Squish Test Center binary package.

  2. Specify the SMTP server

    In the unarchived folder, navigate to and open the application.ini located in /testcenter/config. Within application.ini, scroll to the ##ActionMailer SMTP section. Specify the connection's host name or IP address, for example:

    Also, give the connection's port number, as in:


  3. Starting Squish Test Center

    Squish Test Center can now be started. Open a command line or shell prompt and change directories to the top-level directory of the unarchived package. Issue the following in the prompt:

    $ bin/testcenter start

    If starting the server was successful, we should see in the standard output: Test Center Started

    In a web browser, open your server instance (http://localhost:8800 by default). Enter your Activation Code, previously received by email.

  4. Interactively adding a first user

    Add new account to Test Center

    The Email address is the de-facto username.

    The Full Name is the short name shown in the dashboard.

    For Choose rights (required), the following values are possible:

    • Admin: all privileges granted: user management, upload, viewing, modification

    • User: view-only privileges

    • Upload: the ability to push test results into Squish Test Center