2.5.  Backup and Restore

The following files and folders within your Squish Test Center installation should be backed up to retain all information stored within your Squish Test Center instance.

You can either backup those files and folders manually by simply copying them, or if you only use the default database environment you can use the built in backup and restore functionality.

To use the built in functionality, open a command line or shell prompt and change directories to the top-level directory of your Squish Test Center installation. Issue the following prompt to backup your data:

$ /bin/testcenter backup BACKUP_DIRECTORY

Where BACKUP_DIRECTORY should be the path to an empty directory.


Please make sure that the content of all 3 relevant folders is fully contained within the BACKUP_DIRECTORY after executing the backup command.

To restore your data, issue the following prompt:

$ /bin/testcenter restore BACKUP_DIRECTORY