Package com.­froglogic.­squish.­extension

Table of Contents

Class Color
Interface Inspectable — This interface needs to be implemented for custom Java support in Squish.
Class InspectableAdapter — Adapter class for writing extensions.
Interface InspectableFactory — A Factory that delivers an Inspectable for custom Objects that it manages.
Class InspectableRegistry — This class allows registration of factories of extensions that implement Inspectable.
Interface ItemExtension — This interface must be implemented when the Inspectable handles objects that have textual items, written in the test scrips using waitForObjectItem For instance an inspectable for table objects can implement this interface to support row/column items, e.g.
Interface ObjectQuery
Class Point — Toolkit independent Point class.
Class Rect — Toolkit independent Rectangle class.
Interface TableExtension — This interface can be implemented by an Inspectable, where its inspectable object has rows and columns.
Interface TargetExtension — This interface can be implemented when the inspectable object is part of another object.
Interface ViewportExtension — This interface can be implemented when the inspectable object has scrolling capabilities.