2.1. Version 6.5.1

Table of Contents

2.1.1. General
2.1.2. Squish IDE-specific
2.1.3. Scripting
2.1.4. Qt-specific
2.1.5. Java™-specific
2.1.6. Web-specific
2.1.7. Windows (native)-specific
2.1.8. macOS-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)
2.1.9. Tk-specific
2.1.10. Source Packages
2.1.11. Known Issues

Squish 6.5.1 is a maintenance release containing bugfixes for all editions of the product. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes.

2.1.1. General

  • Fixed an issue causing dragAndDrop statements to not get recorded correctly when using a script-based object map.

  • An issue in the script recording functionality was fixed which caused no synchronization statements like waitForObject to be recorded for some asynchronously executing script calls like dragAndDrop.

  • The waitForObject function in Python now accepts Unicode string literals (u"...").

  • Fixed a problem causing replay of BDD test cases to fail with Python 3 in case the step patterns involved non-latin characters.

  • Fixed an issue in the attachToApplication causing it to fail attaching to application which have many files opened concurrently.

2.1.2. Squish IDE-specific

  • Fixed a problem in the Squish IDE causing no splash screen to be shown on Windows systems.

  • Added support for auto-completing test.attachFile and test.attachDesktopScreenshot in Python and JavaScript scripts.

  • Fixed a problem causing the columns in the Table verification point editor be 0 pixel wide, making them invisible.

  • Added a search field to the Objects view that allows to filter the objects view based on the name of objects, similar to the filter in the Properties view.

2.1.3. Scripting

  • The language-specific means for importing external modules (e.g. import in Python) now also respect directories specified via the SQUISH_SCRIPT_DIR environment variable when looking up external files.

  • The maximum number of active JavaScript objects was increased to 10 million, avoiding out-of-memory errors in some cases.

  • Fixed various cases in which the Python function dir() would not work as expected (e.g. when applied to global Squish objects such as AUT types, the testSettings module or the Modifier/MouseButton objects).

  • Fixed crash in Python standalone squishtest module when calling test functions without a prior call to squishtest.setTestResult().

  • Fixed replaying Ctrl++ and Command++ key combinations using the nativeType function.

2.1.4. Qt-specific

  • Added support for testing Qt 5.13 applications.

  • Fixed an issue causing script recording to abort unexpectedly when recording interactions with menus created using QtQuick controls 1.4.

  • Fixed an issue due to which signal handler functions would get called even after invoking the uninstallSignalHandler function.

  • Fixed a problem that could lead to library loading errors for application or system libraries when an AUT is being instrumented by Squish.

  • Added support for calling methods of QObject objects when the method signature involves qint64, quint64, qlonglong or qulonglong arguments.

  • Added support for calling methods and accessing properties of QObject objects that use qint32, quint32, qint16, quin16, short or unsigned short types.

  • Fixed Qt tree model lookups for item texts with escaped dot or underscore characters.

  • Fixed an issue causing Squish for Qt to not launch Qt applications on Windows.

2.1.5. Java™-specific

  • Added support for SWT ExpandBar controls.

  • Added support for the latest SWT/GTK3 releases.

  • The installEventHandler function can now be used to handle MessageBoxOpened events emitted when JOptionPane JDialog> objects are opened by the application.

2.1.6. Web-specific

  • Fixed a problem with Webdriver-based browsers (Edge, Chromium, Safari 12) causing HTML_Object.evaluateXPath to fail when the XPath expression contains two or more non-ASCII characters. Similar issues can arise when using more than two non-ASCII characters in other situations, like setting properties or using the evalJS command.

  • Fixed a problem with hooking Firefox 68 on Windows. The problem caused the hookup to seemingly work, but no browser tab objects where accessible leading to replay and recording errors and the Spy showing no HTML objects.

  • Fixed a problem that would leave Firefox 68 (and newer) running after the test execution ends.

  • Fixed test automation using Microsoft Edge Version 18.

  • Fixed a problem with attaching to a running Chrome browser instance multiple times in the same script.

2.1.7. Windows (native)-specific

  • Fixed an issue causing file save (or file open) dialogs to not get displayed when executing tests.

  • Fixed the chooseFile function to work as expected for file save dialogs in Windows Vista and later.

  • Added initial support for Telerik GridView for Windows Forms.

  • Improved object names generated for TableColumn and TableRow objects.

  • Fixed an error raised when replaying test scripts which use the mouseClick function to click on a ScreenRectangle object while specifying keyboard modifiers.

2.1.8. macOS-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Fixed automating web content in WKWebView objects that are created declaratively in the builder interface.

2.1.9. Tk-specific

2.1.10. Source Packages

  • Fixed building Squish against a static Qt library on Unix/Linux.

  • Added support for building against static debug builds of Qt using Visual Studio.

  • Improved configure program by making the code for querying qmake variables more robust.

2.1.11. Known Issues

For a list of noteworthy issues which were found after the release of Squish 6.5.1, please see the Known Issues page on the froglogic Knowledge Base.