2.4. Version 6.3 Beta

Table of Contents

2.4.1. Image Search
2.4.2. Comparison of Text and XML Files

Squish 6.3 Beta is a preview release showcasing the addition of an Image Search extension and other new features applicable to all editions of the product.

2.4.1. Image Search

As a supplement to the main property-based object identification, elements can be located on the screen based on their visual appearance. This enables interactions with custom elements, controls from unknown toolkits, and controls from outside of the main application.

The Squish IDE now features the insertion of user interactions like mouseClick() and tapObject() based on images. The search is performed through a newly added waitForImage function. The algorithm employed is still quite simple, but future versions will provide more sophisticated look-up options that can deal with color and resolution differences. See How to Do Image-Based Testing (Section 5.24) for an example automating a chess application.

Once the extension leaves its beta state it will require an additional license. At that point a time-limited free upgrade option will be available for all existing customers.

2.4.2. Comparison of Text and XML Files

The new functions test.compareTextFiles and test.compareXMLFiles compare the content of two text and XML files, respectively. Instead of performing a plain, byte-by-byte comparison, possible differences are reported for individual lines and elements. Several configuration options exist to allow for acceptable differences in content and formatting.