2.5. Version 6.0.2

2.5.1. Squish IDE-specific
2.5.2. Scripting
2.5.3. Web-specific
2.5.4. Flex-specific
2.5.5. Qt-specific
2.5.6. Windows (native)-specific
2.5.7. Java™-specific
2.5.8. Android-specific
2.5.9. Tk-specific
2.5.10. Examples

Squish 6.0.2 is a maintenance release containing various bug fixes and small improvements as described below:

2.5.1. Squish IDE-specific

  • Fixed a problem causing an error dialog when adding a global script directory without focusing the Global Scripts view first

  • Improve default sizing of dialogs shown in the IDE, most notable the dialog for adding an attachable AUT

  • Fixed a problem in the Application Objects view when returning from picking an object

  • Update the Summary view more often so that stepping through code the changes in the view are visible

  • Fixed a problem causing additional windows (editor windows for example) to disappear when running a test

  • Fixed a problem with picking when using a launcher-like AUT

  • Improve Open Symbolic Name to work from globally shared script files

  • Fix a problem that would prevent the object map to not show symbolic names opened from a script file if there was a filter text that did not match the symbolic name.

  • Improve performance of the status label in the Control Bar when the test generates a lot of results in quick succession

  • Improved performance of the Gherkin editor's scenario annotations

  • Fix crash when pressing the Retry button in object not found dialog when using JavaScript as script language

2.5.2. Scripting

  • Importing the squishtest module without having a license key installed will now cause an exception to be raised.

  • Fixed occasional stability issue when executing import squishtest using a standard Python interpreter.

  • Timeout event handlers installed via the squishtest modules' installEventHandler function now get called correctly.

  • Timeout events no longer cause the test script to be aborted immediately, instead a script exception is raised.

  • Improved stability of the Python variable watcher.

  • waitFor in Perl now works correctly with non-ASCII characters inside the script statement

  • testData.dataset handles an empty file path correctly and will now cause an exception to be raised

  • Fixed a regression related to using the standard Python dir() function on Squish objects; the function now yields a list of all members again.

2.5.3. Web-specific

  • Fixed a problem with recording hierarchical names instead of multi property ones after following a link.

  • Fixed a problem leading to a crash when the connection to Microsoft Internet Explorer was lost.

  • Trigger onchange events from setText

  • Fix a problem that would generate real names for form fields that fail to find that object again.

  • Fixed a regression for object lookups using just the id of objects as an object name (for example findObject('MyCoolObject'))

  • Fixed a problem that prevented settings changes in Google Chrome from being persisted on Windows.

  • Improved support for using Proxy server on Windows, when the proxy is used for local connections.

  • Fixed a crash when expanding the BrowserTab_0 object after hooking into the browser failed.

  • Fixed a problem with connecting to an already running Microsoft Internet Explorer instance, for example when Microsoft Internet Explorer is embedded into an Eclipse based AUT.

  • Fixed a problem with recording of text input containing a percent character (%)

  • Fixed a problem with calculating object coordinates (affecting native clicks and screenshots) with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

  • Support highlighting of objects

  • Trigger change-notifications when a radio button or checkbox is being clicked or their checked property changes.

2.5.4. Flex-specific

  • Fixed a regression for picking and name-generation of Flex objects that caused the name to lack the HTML container object.

  • Fixed a problem that led to incorrect recording of clicks on List items

  • Avoid excessive logging of undefined properties

  • Support highlighting of objects

2.5.5. Qt-specific

  • Improved support for testing of statically linked Qt applications

  • Support QVariantList as a property type for dynamically wrapped QObject types

  • Improve squishidl (Section 7.4.5) handling of symbol visibility macros for cross-compiling on a Windows host

  • Fix extension loading when AUT modifies the PATH environment variable

  • Fixed a problem which caused launching the AUT to fail in case there are environment variables set with empty (or otherwise invalid) names.

2.5.6. Windows (native)-specific

  • Fixed a regression for calling setValue on WPF and WindowsForms controls.

  • hookwinaut.exe now correctly signals an error when trying to make an AUT attachable via a port which is already in use.

  • Squish for Windows now honors the Post mortem timeout setting which can be used to influence the behavior when automating subprocesses.

  • Exposed selected property on tree items accessed via Microsoft UI Automation.

  • Exposed toggleState property on list items accessed via Microsoft UI Automation.

  • Fixed replaying key combinations of Shift and arrow keys to work as expected, no matter whether Numlock is enabled or not.

  • Fixed potential stability issue when replaying user actions on MFC controls.

2.5.7. Java™-specific

  • Fix Java™ WebStart hookup when using javaws binary or a JNLP URL as AUT

  • Fix startjavaaut breakage since 6.0.0 on Windows platform

  • Make Java™ Applets hookup much more reliable with web testing and using Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Fix hookup with JRE8 on Mac 'El Capitan'

  • Fix hookup applets with a recent Firefox/Mozilla on Mac

  • Fix application interaction slowness when at a breakpoint

  • Compatibility fix, assume hookup sub-processes when HOOK_SUB_PROCESSES option not set in suite.conf

  • Fix Spy its Up button when a Swing JTable item is selected

  • Fix finding JavaFx ComboBox drop-down widget when inside a JFXPanel embedded into Swing

2.5.8. Android-specific

  • Fix screenshots being rotated on Marshmallow, when screen orientation is not the natural orientation

  • Fix generating NativeObject properties of type void on recent android versions

  • Fix WebView hookup with recent android versions

2.5.9. Tk-specific

  • Support highlighting of objects

  • Fix a problem with hooking when Tcl is started before Tk is loaded

2.5.10. Examples

  • Add the support for QtQuick applications to the monkey test