2.6. Version 6.0.1

2.6.1. General
2.6.2. Squish IDE-specific
2.6.3. Scripting
2.6.4. Web-specific
2.6.5. Qt-specific
2.6.6. Windows (native)-specific
2.6.7. Mac-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)
2.6.8. Java™-specific
2.6.9. iOS-specific (iPhone/iPad edition)
2.6.10. Android-specific
2.6.11. Documentation
2.6.12. Source Packages

Squish 6.0.1 is a maintenance release containing various bug fixes and small improvements as described below:

2.6.1. General

  • Fixed a bug in the setup program which caused reading/writing the license key to fail if it's stored in paths involving non-English characters.

  • Squish failed to reproduce non-english characters in XML 3 reports in some cases - this has been fixed.

  • A problem was fixed which caused squishrunner to not handle commandline arguments involving non-english characters correctly.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented errors during the loading of the script languages from being included in the squishrunner output.

  • Fixed a problem in the setup program which caused it to terminate abnormally if Google Chrome was not installed.

  • Fix a problem in the XML3 generator when adding XML content to the test results.

2.6.2. Squish IDE-specific

  • Fixed a problem that broke various features in the .feature file editor when the feature file is in a path that contains non-english characters.

  • Fixed a problem that caused slugghish behaviour in the user interface when pressing the Ctrl key (for example as part of a Ctrl+C to copy text).

  • Included the openmode argument in the completion of the File.open function in the JavaScript editor.

  • Added Open/Open With entries to the context menu of files in the Test Suites and Global Scripts views to allow easier opening of these with external editors.

  • Fixed a problem that caused an error when trying to record multiple snippets when having launched an AUT using the Launch AUT button.

  • Fixed a problem when an application unexpectedly exits while picking an object.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented installing the Squish Eclipse Integration into Eclipse 3.7.

  • Fixed a problem with context menu entries in the Test Suites view on CentOS

  • Fixed a problem that caused the editor to scroll to the top of the file after doing a snippet recording.

  • The Application Objects view no longer shows application contexts of terminated applications.

  • Fix a problem with finding step implementations for BDD steps when the step text contains non-ascii characters and Javascript is being used as scripting language

2.6.3. Scripting

  • Fixed various issues related to non-English characters in .feature files of BDD tests using using Perl, JavaScript or Ruby.

  • Respect the testSettings.throwOnFailure setting when executing test.exception in Python.

  • Fixed logging verification results when testSettings.throwOnFailure is enabled.

  • Fixed JavaScript execution of finally clause when a runtime error occurred in catch().

  • Fixed JavaScript garbage collection of "bound functions" created with Function.prototype.bind().

  • Fixed a problem with disabling/removing breakpoints when the test execution is paused.

  • Fixed Python DLL mixup with system installed Python on Windows, resulting in import errors for some modules.

  • Fixed the line number reported for the main function in the backtrace reported by the JavaScript test.stackTrace function.

  • Syntax errors reported for JavaScript-based BDD tests are now reported at the correct location.

  • Fixed display of Perl magic variables during debugging.

2.6.4. Web-specific

  • Introduced a signed Squish extension for Firefox so that Squish will work with Firefox 41 and newer versions.

  • Improved setup documentation for testing browsers supported through the proxy approach.

  • Improved usability of Browser page in the setup program.

  • Improved recording of Web Applications using touch events in browsers on mobile devices.

  • Avoid recording unecessary activateBrowserTab calls when recording on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed a problem that caused no DOCUMENT object to appear in the Application Objects view when using browsers on mobile devices or otherwise supported through the proxy approach

  • Fixed a problem that caused raiseWindow to fail when hooking an already running instance of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the browser on mobile devices to return to the startsquish page after finishing a test case execution.

  • Removed the unsupported Mozilla entry from the list of browsers shown in the Squish IDE.

  • Fixed a problem with the lookup of objects that referred a form but where not children of that form.

  • Fixed problems with automating IE instances when disabling the Browser Tab support

  • Introduced a close function for the BrowserTab object so tabs can be closed from the test scripts

  • Disallow using startApplication with a url to start webhook as this was never intended to work this way and just worked by accident

  • Disallow combining the Browser Tab support with the older method for hooking additional browser windows as this combination makes no sense

  • Fixed a problem where hooking into a page that redirects the original url to some other place failed with Chrome and Firefox during the initial startup.

2.6.5. Qt-specific

  • Added clickTab() recording for tabs inside a QTabWidget.

  • Added support for Qt invokable methods returning a custom enum type.

  • Improved support for custom Qt enum types inside a namespace.

  • Fixed a problem that broke running the example applications in Squish for Qt packages for Qt 5.5.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the Squish support for QML WebView to be packaged on MacOSX

  • Fixed triggering of global shortcuts using type() on Qt 5.5 or newer.

  • Added logging of Qt version when hooking into an AUT

  • Fixed picking and recording on QtQuick 2.x items when a parent item is fully translucent.

  • Fixed recording of text input inside QQuickWidget on Qt 5.4.1 or newer.

  • Fixed snippet recording on Qt web views.

  • Preliminary support for building with Qt 5.6.

2.6.6. Windows (native)-specific

  • Executing two mouseClick statements in a row will no longer trigger a double click.

  • Fix a problem with hooking into browser controls embedded into native Windows applications causing the webhook context to disappear from the Application Objects view.

2.6.7. Mac-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Fixed typing text in a web view where the HTML object uses an onchange or oninput handler.

2.6.8. Java™-specific

  • Fix a problem with hooking into browser controls embedded into SWT applications causing the webhook context to disappear from the Application Objects view.

  • Fixed a problem which caused native dialogs not to be shown when running the AUT in the Spy or Debug mode.

2.6.9. iOS-specific (iPhone/iPad edition)

  • Fixed typing text in a web view where the HTML object uses an onchange or oninput handler.

  • Improved the automatic detection of a suitable iOS SDK when starting the AUT in the simulator.

  • Fixed playback of clicks in iOS 9 on certain objects (like the buttons in an alert).

2.6.10. Android-specific

  • It is now possible to call the hideKeyboard function with an HTML object.

  • Fix recording openMenu on Android-6.0 final.

2.6.11. Documentation

  • Fixed the table of contents link to the “Squish Concepts” section for the tutorials.

  • Updated documentation for integrating the Qt builtin-hook in AUT code.

2.6.12. Source Packages

  • Fixed compiler detection for GNU C++ and compatible toolchains on locales other than English.