2.11. Version 5.1.3

2.11.1. Qt-specific
2.11.2. Java™-specific
2.11.3. iOS-specific
2.11.4. Android-specific
2.11.5. IDE

Squish 5.1.3 is a maintenance release that provides updates of the Java, Android and iOS editions and adds Qt 5.4 packages to the Qt edition.

2.11.1. Qt-specific

  • Added binary packages build against Qt 5.4.0. As Qt 5.4.1 is going to have a binary compatibility issue fixed for Visual Studio binaries a new set of Squish packages might be needed.

2.11.2. Java™-specific

  • Added support for JRE 1.7.71 and JRE 1.8.2 or later.

  • Fixed automatic scrolling during replay in some cases with nested scrollable containers.

  • Account for animated scrolling in waitForObjectItem() for item container widgets from SWT using GTK 3.

  • Fixed expand() and collapse() replaying for SWT TreeItems based on GTK 3.

  • Workaround for recording of mouseClick() on ToolItems with drop-down style from SWT using GTK 3.

  • Fixed object name reuse for SWT Item objects.

  • Support chooseDirectory() for the JavaFx DirectoryChooser.

  • Allow mouseClick() on org.eclipse.swt.widgets.MenuItem objects.

2.11.3. iOS-specific

  • Added support for testing of Apps in 64-bit mode on 64-bit iOS devices

2.11.4. Android-specific

  • Added support for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Including the new Toolbar widget.

  • Fixed capturing of screenshots on Windows.

  • Crash fixed when calling setFocus() on HTML text input in some cases.

  • Extended tutorial to include Verification Point creation, test script refactoring, data-driven tests and use of the nativeObject property.

  • Fixed WebView hook-up of applications using the Apache Cordova InAppBrowser plugin.

2.11.5. IDE

  • Updated Eclipse version used on Mac OS X to fix the file dialog and other system-specific issues.