2.15. Version 5.0.4

2.15.1. Web-specific
2.15.2. Java-specific
2.15.3. Android-specific

Squish 5.0.4 is a maintenance release of the Web, Java and Android edition prompted by the release of new browser and SDK versions.

The coming 5.1 release will bring new features and fixes for all editions of Squish.

2.15.1. Web-specific

  • Added support for IE 11.

  • Protect against possible COM errors in IE.

  • Fixed accessing the HTML_Table.cellAt() function.

  • Fixed crash triggered when navigating HTML elements in the Object Tree of the IDE.

  • Make the IE ReadyState timeout configurable via webwrapper.ini.

  • Fixed script errors on failed calls of nextSibling() and others.

  • Fixed return value of previousSibling().

  • Fixed accidental ignoring of frames with height or width properties set as percentage.

2.15.2. Java-specific

  • Fixed clicking on nested CTab items.

  • Fixed type() on Mac OS X when text has a newline character.

  • Reduced memory usage of JFrame handling.

  • Fixed waitForObject() problem with popup menus.

  • Make JavaFX click replay more reliable.

  • Let the Spy ignore picking of JavaFx objects when the Ctrl key is pressed.

  • When clicking on combobox don't record skin type of nodes.

  • Fixed mouseClick() recording on list items with checkboxes.

  • Improved context menu activation on Mac OS X with JRE 7.

  • Fixed sporadic AUT crashes at end of test case.

  • Drop spurious events being record with CCombo SWT control.

  • Fixed Java class registration issues in script languages.

  • Fixed exceptions on queries of JTable model data.

  • Fixed Java applets with JRE 7 on Mac OS X.

  • Fixed Java applet testing in recent Firefox versions.

2.15.3. Android-specific

  • Added support for Android 4.4 KitKat SDK.

  • Support longPress() recording on WebView controls.

  • Fixed coordinate scaling problem with taps for Apps developed with older SDKs.