2.16. Version 5.0.3

2.16.1. Web-specific
2.16.2. iOS-specific

Squish 5.0.3 is a maintenance release that provides enhancements for the Web and iOS editions.

2.16.1. Web-specific

  • Fixed speed regression in waitForObject() and other functions.

  • Automatically prepend http:// prefix if missing in loadUrl() call.

  • Fix name-generation for elements inside frames.

  • Clean list of old tabs showing up in Opera.

2.16.2. iOS-specific

  • Added support for Apps based on the iOS 7 SDK.

  • Fixed 5.0.1 regression impacting testing on actual devices.

  • Support multiple Web views in single application.

  • Fixed picking of HTML content in landscape device orientation.

  • Fixed snippet recording in embedded Web views.