2.19. Version 5.0.0

2.19.1. New Editions
2.19.2. General
2.19.3. IDE
2.19.4. Qt-specific
2.19.5. Java™-specific
2.19.6. Web-specific
2.19.7. Windows (native)-specific
2.19.8. Mac OS X-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)
2.19.9. iOS-specific (iPhone/iPad edition)
2.19.10. Tk-specific
2.19.11. Add-Ons
2.19.12. Documentation

Squish 5.0 is a major new release with many new features and bug fixes. Here is a selected summary of the release's highlights.

2.19.1. New Editions

  • A newly added edition supports testing of Android applications running on a device or inside of emulators.

  • The new Squish for Flex edition provides support for testing of applications developed with this framework.

2.19.2. General

  • Functions for the development of interactive test scripts.

  • New highlighting mode for comparing visual differences in Image Verification Points.

  • Enhanced image embedding of XML-to-HTML result conversion script.

  • Enhanced 64-bit integer support in test scripts.

  • Experimental: standalone Python module that provides squishrunner functionality.

2.19.3. IDE

  • Added a Highlight button to the Spy that will mark the selected object inside of the Application Under Test.

  • Introduced Up button for traversal to the parent object in the Spy object tree.

  • Added a Control Bar button that allows insertion of script comments during recording.

  • Updated script editors for better completion support.

  • For more productive test development the IDE provides highlighting of objects and navigation upwards in the object hierarchy of the Application Under Test.

  • Warn against accidental script overwriting.

2.19.4. Qt-specific

  • Squish for Qt now comes with support for Qt 5. This applies to both traditional QWidget-based applications as well as those using the QtQuick 2 (QML 2) framework.

  • Pre-build binary packages for Visual Studio 2012 users.

  • Packages for WinCE available upon request.

  • Made a proof-of-concept port to VxWorks. Packages available upon request.

2.19.5. Java™-specific

  • In addition to SWT and AWT/Swing controls Squish for Java has been "taught" about the new JavaFX toolkit.

2.19.6. Web-specific

  • Support for Flash plugins executing Flex-based applications (see new edition above).

  • Added support for recent versions of Firefox.

  • Added support for Internet Explorer 10.

  • Rewrote example application.

  • Trimmed text content for HTML elements (for greater cross-browser portability).

  • Hide useless NODE elements.

2.19.7. Windows (native)-specific

  • Introduced use of MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility) interface to test yet unsupported toolkits like Delphi.

  • Added support for Microsoft WPF Ribbon Control.

  • Added support for various Telerik controls.

  • Various improvements for the naming and picking of WindowsForms and WPF controls.

2.19.8. Mac OS X-specific (Cocoa/Carbon edition)

  • Support for embedded WebKit HTML controls through combination with Squish for Web.

2.19.9. iOS-specific (iPhone/iPad edition)

  • Support for embedded WebKit HTML controls through combination with Squish for Web.

2.19.10. Tk-specific

  • Added dragAndDrop() functions.

2.19.11. Add-Ons

  • Add-On for Visual Studio, TFS and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).

2.19.12. Documentation