2.44. Version 3.2.3

2.44.1. General
2.44.2. Qt-specific
2.44.3. Web-specific
2.44.4. XView-specific
2.44.5. Source Builds

2.44.1. General

  • Fixed reading Object Map with empty lines.

  • Make sure that backslashes in symbolic names do not get lost.

  • Don't pass open sockets to child processes.

  • Fix problems with accessing wrapped functions after an application started via startApplication() was terminated.

  • Fix sporadic crash after test suite removal or replacement.

  • Keep pointing out file modifications in source()'d files when using Run and Record

  • Improved usability of row selection and deletion in the Object Map editor

  • Fixed setting of the pid property of the context returned by defaultApplicationContext().

  • Fixed Current Working Directory path names with spaces in them.

2.44.2. Qt-specific

  • Suppress mouse animation in cases where the events generated by the windowing system could conflict with operations like dragging of canvas elements.

  • Fix clicking on tabs which have a backslash character in their name.

  • Fix 'Object not found' errors when running the monkey test example.

  • Qt 4 on Mac only: make recording and playback of menu actions work (i.e. turn off the native menu bar support).

  • Fixed memory leaks that occurred with Qt 3.x and use of buddy* and window* object name properties.

2.44.3. Web-specific

  • For image links which have no good properties, use the image's src in the generated name.

  • Fixed a race condition leading to waitForContextExists() waiting unnecessariliy for 20 seconds

  • Added openContextMenu() function

  • Emulate onchange events correctly for select-multi input elements.

  • Consider attributes for object identification.

  • Fixed race condition leading to a crash of webhook after a test run.

  • nativeMouseClick() now accepts a second 'button' argument.

  • Fixed hooking into frames in some tricky situations.

  • Sanity check on frame hookup.

2.44.4. XView-specific

  • Fixed a settings-dependant crash on Solaris.

2.44.5. Source Builds

  • Fixed Perl auto-detection on HP-UX

  • Compile fix for a picky version of Sun CC.