2.48. Version 3.1.2

2.48.1. General
2.48.2. Qt
2.48.3. Java
2.48.4. Web
2.48.5. Tk

Version 3.1.2 is a maintenance release that incorporates a couple of bug fixes. See the ChangeLog file in the package for a detailed list. User visible changes and improvements are listed below.

2.48.1. General

  • Fixed a race condition leading to occasional IDE crashes when removing a test suite.

  • Fix a crash in screenshot comparison with masks if the image is smaller than the mask.

  • More robust breakpoints in Python scripts located via SQUISH_SCRIPT_DIR.

  • Improved function overload resolution of Perl and JavaScript bindings. Prefer a normal type conversion over a "tolerant" one.

  • Support NULL pointer passing from Perl scripts.

  • Don't crash when using an invalid report output format.

  • Fix compile problems with Python 2.5.

  • Added a "Copy Real Name" option to the Spy.

  • Improved algorithm that is used to detect whether a file is binary or text. French accents and Umlauts won't confuse it anymore.

  • Mac OS only: if you add an application path or add an attachable AUT via the test suite settings dialog, then show the last modal dialog in front.

2.48.2. Qt

  • Fix over-aggressive mouse move event compression so that recording multiple subsequent moves of a dialog window gets played back properly.

  • Fix setting breakpoints and using the spy with Qt 3.3.8 on Windows.

  • Fixed Q3ListBox interaction crash.

  • Wrap Q3ComboBox which appeared in Qt 4.1

  • Support Qt builds that have QWheelEvent disabled.

2.48.3. Java

  • Support for Java testing on the Mac.

  • Keyboard mapping fixes for both SWT and AWT/Swing.

  • Replaying 'typeText()' fix in AWT/Swing, it simply called 'setText()'.

  • Fix replaying menu selection when menu bar is a derived JMenuBar class.

  • Filter out 'typeText()' on widgets not having the focus AWT/Swing.

  • Menu selections and combobox selections are now recorded on the mouse button release event for AWT/Swing.

  • Jvm crash workaround when calling 'toString()' on some SWT widgets.

2.48.4. Web

  • Fix for hooking into pages which automatically redirect.

  • Fixed hang in unload handling.

  • Made isPageLoaded more robust.

  • Fixed occasions where picking objects hung.

  • Added dedicated support for Kiwi_TreeTable.

  • Fixed error handling.

  • Fixed recording selectOption() when the option text contains special characters.

2.48.5. Tk

  • Generate better names for randomly-named TkInter widgets.

  • Sanity check that allows to record on statically linked Tk apps.

  • Fixed hooking for TkInter Python applications.